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Cagedlight Limited is a non-location specific visual design company. Our focus is design. We know design, we know how to make your company look really good and we know how to reproduce those designs across various media.

We are a family run, limited company, founded by husband and wife team Kwesi and Samira Raphael. We really enjoy what we do and do it with a smile, having fun as we go.

Kwesi is the lead designer and Samira the studio manager who keeps everything organised. Kwesi and Samira met each other while studying together at Edinburgh College of Art.

Our passion is to utilise the world wide web, combined with our skills in the field of visual design, to meet the needs of you, our client, wherever you may be based.

We love what we do, and wouldn’t do anything else.

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0203 286 1587 | 0131 605 1827

slightly random

among other things, kwesi and samira, represent a mix of at least 5 different cultures!

kwesi is fluent in mandarin and somewhat conversant in korean and samira does not speak arabic, although her name suggests otherwise.


10 January 12

happy week 2

Happy Week 2!So the New Year isn’t so… “new” anymore. Not so shiny perhaps.

Ah well, it’s only week 2 and that’s plenty enough reason for a cheer.

Happy Week 2!

Hope the year is going well for you so far. And that you’ve got great things in the pipeline already.

Remember that if you need help with anything design based we’re right here and more than ready to make your business our business.

So give us a call on 0203 2861587 or go here and drop us an email.

 Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

4 January 11

Happy New Year


It’s a New Year now people. 2010 just flew by and even though it may not have been everything that you wanted it to be we are now in 2011.
So, if you’re back in the office right now, that means you survived the snow (or sunshine, although that’s not very hard) and you made it through the holiday chaos. If you got a couple extra days on the rest of us and are still lounging around in your warm slippers… no comment.
Hope you’re all fresh and ready to go.

So a cup of fresh coffee in hand, here’s to a fantastic new year!
Start as you mean to finish and all :o)

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6 January 10

Let it snow… (like it needed our permission)

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh